Circle K Ranch
Address: 8596 W. 19 Mile Rd. Rudyard, MI, 49780
Phone: 906-478-7531
About Us
My husband and I bought our first bison(American buffalo) in 1988, not knowing where the adventure would lead us. It has led us to owning a beautiful herd of grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free animals, raised on grassy pastures in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

We sell their healthy meat in area restaurants and retail outlets. We also sell our products from our ranch, just call to set up a time to make a purchase.

We also have Highland cattle, just for fun!

All of our animals roam free on our ranch pastures, never feed-lotted. Come see how happy they are!
Located in the beautiful Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan, we have been raising grass-fed and hormone-free American bison and Highland cattle since 1988. We sell our meat wholesale and retail all around Michigan.