Earthy Delights
Address: 1610 Barlow St. Traverse City , MI, 49686
Phone: 855-328-8732
About Us
The company now known as Earthy Delights has its roots in the early days of the wild food movement. In 1986, a group of recent Michigan State University graduates, working out of a garage in East Lansing, Michigan, created a co-op to sell edible flowers, wild mushrooms, cattail shoots and other wild-harvested foods to local restaurants and food enthusiasts. Over the next three decades, the company grew and evolved, adding an extensive selection of exotic and specialty foods to the lineup. Today, nearly thirty years later, Earthy Delights remains dedicated to those original ideals of providing unique, quality specialty foods with a strong emphasis on wild-harvested, traditional and artisanal foods, and of giving the very best in personalized customer service. 
Our goals are:

To offer a great selection of high-quality, great tasting, healthful food
To offer great service and be a trusted source of culinary information
To conduct business in an honest, ethical and respectful manner
To create a challenging, rewarding, and caring workplace
To achieve sustained growth and value for our shareholders
To contribute and give back to our community