Aunt Nee's
Contact: Lydia Alcala-Schwager
Address: 2934 Russell St Detroit , MI, 48207
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Phone: 877-286-8633
About Us
My name is Lydia Alcala-Schwager and I was born and raised in metro-Detroit, Michigan. I come from a very large Mexican family and when I was younger, in caring for my nieces and nephews, I acquired my name, Aunt Lee Lee. When my youngest sister was attending college and I was starting my married life, she cared for my family with much love while I worked; in turn, 10 years later, I did the same for her. My sister’s first born, A.J., was born mildly autistic and shortly thereafter came Rachel. Rachel began speaking very early and A.J. very late. Rachel often helped A.J. with words that he simply did not care to pronounce, like my longstanding name “Aunt Lee Lee”. Rachel had a lisp and could not pronounce her “L’s” which eventually turned into “N’s” and that is how I became “Aunt Nee.” Both children latched onto this name with which I am now very proud to have.
Our story begins with humble beginnings as a family hobby with support from VFW Post 6896 - Sgt. Romanowski. Today, we stand as an established brand proud to share our passion for Mexican food with our line of delicious salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips.