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About Us
My mission- to reflect to individuals their greatest gifts. I believe that we all have the power to self heal and that we have forgotten how to listen to our bodies, minds and souls. Through therapeutic massage I started my journey with the healing arts. I believe my journey started long before this but by following the instinct of my soul I realized that this was a concrete way to support people to feel better. I suffered from anxiety and separation of my being in so many ways as do many. I realized that I wanted to do more for myself and for humanity. After going through Massage training, I was then led to becoming a doula. The skills acquired through these two professions gave me so much depth as a healer, recognizing that - I am not healing someone else, simply there, meeting them where they are at holding space with unconditional love and support that this is where the healing occurs. From there I began training with an Energy Healer regularly and was then attuned as a reiki level ll practitioner. I have received healing services from so many of my colleagues and consider all of them teachers. Through my own healing journey I am able to show up more authentically for the individuals who are drawn to working with me. My offerings to my clients are in depth and hold a variety of potent revelations creating long lasting healing. Longevity health. My goal as a healer is to remind my clients of who they truly are. That they are powerful and provide tools for them to go home and self heal. The relationship between the mind, body and soul are very interconnected. When one is out of balance or in a state of dis- ease, if ignored, becomes just that. My work can be described as physical healing through the pathways of the emotional and mental bodies. My highest skill set is to provide tools and support in order to heal the non physical events that are stored in our physical realities. I provide Massage, Reiki and Flower Essence Healing in my office. If you would like to learn more, set up a discovery call. I serve many healers who are stepping into their first steps of the journey, healers who are very experienced and all and any individuals who simply want to come and have shelter and safety from the storms of life, and those who simply want to reset. My work is for everyone.

I center myself in love first. I believe that spending as much time as possible in nature is one of the best remedies for your bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical.) The work with the flowers has been fundamental in my life. Connecting with nature teaches us how to connect with one another. As the plants have a subtle communication and have so much medicine to give. Through my work with the flower essences I have learned that these creatures are beings of wisdom and unconditional love and support. They work together so that they can thrive. This is what they want for us too. They can teach us that when we learn to stop talking and doing and start listening with our hearts instead of our minds, we can thrive in ways we didn’t know we could. The flower essences are powerful subtle medicine. They create a consciousness within similar to the effects of regular meditation. When we are conscious we are treat ourselves better which then extends outwards. Generally we are hardest on ourselves. Old mental patterns developed over time create dis harmony in our energy bodies and manifests into our physical. The flower essences I have found to be a profound tool in shifting our mental blocks that usually also manifest dis- ease.
Vibrational Medicine
Flower Essences are a vibrational medicine similar to sound that reach the furthest layers of our subtle body system.
This subtle area is where the greatest healing can occur as it is the blueprint of our soul that informs our body of our
health and vitality.

How Flower Essences Support Us
Flowers hold a unique medicine all their own. They each hold medicinal properties that work with our subtle energy
fields and the subconscious layers of the mind. By taking them internally or externally they go into the body and
gently bring forward areas in which they support. Once to the surface the individual is able to see old unhealthy
emotional,mental & physical patterns from a new perspective. This new perspective is important for growth and
evolution as an individual and a part of the collective. Many times we are scared to look within. The flower essences
create a safe supported way to do this that is so subtle one may not even notice until the old patterns are completely
They help remind us of our own unique essence and support us to live from a clearer and stronger inner

Why Use Flower Essences in today's world?
With the faster pace and use of wifi and more devices it is especially important to tend to our subtle bodies. We have
become a society that spends less time in nature, more time on the run and without tending to these subtle but vital
parts of ourselves we find ourselves overwhelmed, fatigued, sick, avoidant & overindulgent. The good news is that
we are also seeing that this is not who we want to be and finding ways to tend to our beings more and more. By
doing so, we can show up for the world more connected.

How are they made?
Each flower has a unique set of healing properties that are held in the waters they are carefully placed in. I use
filtered mineralized water that holds the imprint of the flower. After, they are filtered through fine cheesecloth and
then bottled with 27% brandy to preserve and hold the integrity of the imprint of the flower. There is no plant matter
remaining in the waters when complete. I amplify each filled bottle with a tuning fork to add to the vibrational
Collecting the essence of flowers is done in a respectful and spiritual way. Many of those who work with the
flowers and plants understand that consent is important.

They are Not
Essential oils or tinctures. Essential oils are extracted from the plants. Tinctures use part of the whole plant and
extract the physical healing properties of the plant. Making these less subtle in the way they work.
They go into or on the body and do a job.

They are
The imprint of the flower in water, preserved with brandy, making it a very subtle form of medicine. They are gentle
and non-invasive to the system. Making them an ideal medicine for the subtle bodies.
They go into or on the body and ask the body & subtle bodies to do the work