Carlson - Arbogast Farm
Address: 4795 Reed Rd Howard City, MI, 49329
About Us
Fran Arbogast-Carlson operates our centennial farm in Montcalm County along with her son Brandon. Elected and appointed by former Gov. John Engler to the Michigan Bean Commission, Arbogast-Carlson was also nominated to the U.S. Dry Bean Council, through which she travels the world promoting beans. A registered dietitian, Arbogast-Carlson adds cooked and drained beans to almost everything because they help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, are one of the most low-glycemic foods out there, and are low in fat while full of fiber and protein.
1,000+ acre bean farm located in Howard City, MI. WE LOVE BEANS! Beans are our specialty. We have been growing beans for over 140 years and for 6 generations on our Michigan Centennial Family Farm! Our family farm is located in Montcalm County, Michigan. We ship our beans across the country and internationally too!