Belote Farms
Address: 1350 C Drive South Climax , MI, 49034
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Phone: 269-317-7667
About Us
Belote Farms Maple Syrup started as a hobby and has now become a family business selling the best maple syrup in Michigan. We're a family operation that has been making syrup for over 30 years. Established in 1987 by Mike Belote, Belote Farms has grown and now includes Mike's sons, Ben and Josh Belote. The two brothers have been helping their dad since the beginning and are now taking leadership of the operation. Mike started making syrup with taps given to him by a friend. In the beginning we collected sap into the back of a truck by hand using five gallon buckets. We've come a long way since then, streamlining our operation and continuing to constantly make our operation better.
The maple sap comes from trees found on property near Climax, Michigan and the sap is processed into superb maple syrup in the sugar shack located on the Belote property in Climax. We've been USDA inspected for many years and work hard to keep up good standards and practices for our sugar shack. Our families are involved as it's a labor intensive process. We produce and bottle all our syrup at our sugar shack in Climax where we've been since the beginning. All our sap comes from roadside trees around the sugar shack that we tap ourselves.