Factory Coffee Company
City: Kalamazoo, MI,
About Us
Factory Coffee is a small family-owned coffee company located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

We believe that good coffee starts with good people. We source coffee from around the world, intentionally supporting farms who are taking measures to be community-driven: employing environmentally-friendly initiatives, properly training and fairly compensating employees, and amplifying women and marginalized folks in the coffee growing industry. 

Factory Coffee is comprised of an inclusive team of creative artists, musicians, coffee aficionados, designers, plant-lovers and change-makers with a shared vision of collaboration, community and joy in the coffee space. We dream big. We value thoughtfulness and care as we measure, weigh and sort every bag we fill. Every shot we pull and every drink we make is designed around the integrity of the coffee we proudly roast and serve.
Sustainability and environmental consciousness is at the heart of who we are. The carbon footprint of getting coffee grown all over the world is unavoidable. In an effort to shore that up, we roast our coffee on a zero-emissions roaster, use 90% compostable bags as well as compostable cups. We are always looking to improve and think outside the box as it relates to our impact on the planet.